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Print of Original Oil Painting - "A Smart Turn-out" oil on Canvas by unknown American painter, c. 1845. A "dashing through the snow" scene in lovely golden tones. The handsone trotting pair look like Morgans.

Color Print 11 1/2" X 14" - Item# SSP - $30.00
Color Print 23" X 28" - Item# LSP - $45.00

"A Smart Turn-out" greeting Cards. Inside Message: "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"
same photo as above.
Box of 12 - Item# CAR2 - $10.00

Pull-Out Pop-Up 3-D Cards

Message: "Christmas Greetings"

Christmas Card & Envelope
Item# CAR1 - $4.00 each


Welcome Sign
This sign is made out of redwood and takes the elements outdoors just fine.
The sign is lazer cut and hand painted. Sign: 12" X 15"
Item SlW - $89.00

Black Sign Bracket - Item# SlB - $28.00


The Slate Trivets are of sturdy green Vermont slate, etched in three differrent designs.


Blackhawk - Item# TR1 - $10.00 each
Museum Logo - Item# TR2 - $10.00 each
Hale's Green Mountain - Item# TR3 - $10.00 each

UVM Morgan Horse Farm Print

This Limited edition of Brenda Myrick Watercolor of the
University of Vermont Horse Farm is Signed and
Numbered. This lovely print is just the right size for
home of office. It measures a convenient 9"x12".
Item# HF - $25.00

this is a scanned in copy off a black/white flyer to show you the scene

Print of Original Oil Painting
By Terry Lindsey

A beautiful print of the statue at the Government Farm. The Justin Morgan statue offset by soft wintry sunset sky. 16 1/2" x 22". Signed by the Artist.

Item# LPP - $65.00

this is only a scanned in copy off a black/white flyer to show you the scene.

The same print is in the form of a photograph, 4"x5" on a 5"x7" note card with blank inside. Card includes envelope.
Item# LPC - $4.00 each

One of the "Morgans Through the Seasons" Collection

Colored Print of a Jeanne Mellin painting. Signed and Numbered. Limited edition of 500. Image size Approx. 14' X 19"

Item# MWP $90.00

Trotting Horse Pin / Tie Tack

24K Gold Electroplated, Item# HP - $7.00 each or 2/$12.00

Champion Black Hawk Mousepad

Driving design in black & white

Item# MP $6.00

Postcards From Handsome Historic Prints In Black & White.
Four for $1.00. Specify which four.

Mansfield Item# P-A

General Gates Item# P-B

Gay Mac Item# P-C

Rex's Major Monte Item# P-D

Donald Item# P-E

Headlight Morgan Item# P-F

Upwey Ben Don Item# P-G

Jubliee King Item# P-H

Senator Graham Item# P-J

Trophy Item# P-K

Ulendon Item# P-L

Bell Marea Item# P-M

Pecos Item# P-N

Lippitt Miss Nekomia Item# P-O

Artemisia Item# P-Q

Troubadour of Willowmoor Item# P-Q

Reproduction Woodcuts in Black & White
$10.00 each, 3/$20.00

(A) Figure at stud ad (9" x 14")Item# WC-A -- (B) Hale's Green Mountain 42 (10 x 13)Item# WC-B
(C) Black Hawk (10 x 13)Item# WC-C -- (D) Justin Morgan Pedigree (11 x 17)Item# WC-D
(E) Champion Black Hawk w/cart (10 x 13)Item# WC-E -- (F) Gifford Morgan, Jr. (10 x 13)Item# WC-F
(G) Sherman (10 x 13)Item# WC-G -- (H) Daniel Lambert (10 x 13)Item# WC-H


Black Hawk Weathervane Ornament

Copper Verdigris Item# CHO $15.00
Brass Item# BHO $16.00

Hale's Green Mt. Ornament
Brass Item# CMO $16.00

Weathervane Tree Ornament
Brass Item# BWO $15.00


Black Hawk Lamp Finials
Copper verdigris Item# CHF $18.00
Brass Item# BHF $18.00

Hale's Green Mt. Lamp Finials
Brass Item# BMF $18.00


Item #LN D.C.Linsley's Classic Book, Morgan Horses "The premium essay on the original and characteristics of this American Breed of Horses." Originally published in 1856. Reprinted in 1999. A must for any Morgan Person's Library. Our popular reprint in hardcover on acid free paper. $35.00

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Jeff and Julie Heise of Rosewater Morgan Farm, Dousman, Wisconsin for making this reprint available.

Item# DN From the Francis Bryant Collection, Donald. Unpublished manuscript by Edwin H. Hoffman on Donald for Mr. C.C. Stillman. Spiral binding. $10.00

Item# CBK Horse'n Around Museum Cookbook Delightfully illustrated by Nancy Eidam, Kathy Horman's collection of recipies from Morgan people all over the country is not only a gourmet's prize, but it also contains some very informative Morgan history. $15.00

Item# HT Caranegie Museum of Natural History, Horses Through Time. A comprehensive illustrated compilation of essays, prehistoric to new information, by some of the world's foremost authorities on horses. $35.00

Item# HW Allen Thompson, The Horses of Woodstock. A republication of valuable historical material pertaining to the Morgan Horse and its heritage, particularly in Vermont. Spiral binding. $15.00

Support the Museum by wearing a lovely shirt with the National Museum of the Morgan Horse Logo

Adult Shirts have Small logo on Left Side
Youth Shirts have Large logo in the Center

Color Options
Blue Dusk
Sports Grey

Adult: Item# ATS %15.00
Youth: Item# YTS $10.00

Adult Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XX
Youth Sizes: Ex-Small (2-4), Small (6-8), Medium (10-12)

Color Options
Athletic Heather

Adult: Item# ASS $25.00
Youth: Item# YSS $20.00

Adult Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XX
Youth Size: Small(6-8), Medium (10-12)

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