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"PHANTOM" Birthday Party

The National Museum of the Morgan Horse is 10 years old and we are celebrating with our first ever Birthday Party. In honor of this occasion we are having a "Phantom" Party. You Are Invited!

It will be the perfect party. Everyone is invited, but no one will attend and we won't be upset. You won't have to worry about arriving on time, wearing your best clothes or eating too much food. On October 20th, the night of our 10th Birthday Party, we are giving you the evening off, so sit back, put your feet up and enjoy yourself.

Since it is our Birthday and we are having this "Phantom" Party, please feel free to send a gift. The gift that will be the easiest for you to give, and the one that will benefit the Museum the most is a financial donation. We haven't purchased food or drinks, paid for entertainment or incurred any expenses to have our party, so you can glory in the knowledge that your entire gift will benefit The National Museum of the Morgan Horse.

We hope you enjoy your night off and Thank You for your much needed support. Please check the appropriate box on the donation card below and mail it and your check back today. Remember, this is a tax deductible contribution.

Phantom Party Directors,
Kathie Horman & the NMMH Board

P.S. This is the major fund-raiser we will have for the Museum this year, as this takes the place of our Annual Fund Drive.

My tax Deductible Phantom Birthday Gift is:

________$25 ________$50 ________$75 ________$100

________$150 ________$200 ________$500 ________Other

You May Charge Your Gift to: VISA MASTERCARD

Card No.___________________________________ Exp. Date___________

Card Holder Signature___________________________________________




Print this out and mail to: The National Museum of the Morgan Horse
P.O. Box 700, Shelburne, VT 05482

Thank You


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